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In section 32 of Nepal's Constitution, the fundamental rights of language and culture has been arranged in this, it has been arranged that every person and community will be entitled to use their language, participate in cultural life, and promote and promote their language, script, culture, cultural civilization and heritage. Similarly, the state has a policy of the state to promote national unity by developing multilingual policy by developing mutual harmony, tolerance and solidarity between different languages ​​and developing mutual relations between the federal units.

To make recommendations for the promotion, development, and monitoring of the languages ​​inside Nepal, prepare for the basis of development and development of language work, in order to make the constitution in the year 287 of the Constitution of Nepal, representing the provinces within a year, the formation of language commission, its structure, chairman And the term of the member, appointment process, work of the commission, duty and Motions have been mentioned.

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Dr. Lawadev Awasthi

Dr. Lawadev Awasthi


Mr.Ganesh Bhattarai

Mr.Ganesh Bhattarai

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